“Allison and I became friends in grade school. She was the type of person that everyone was drawn to because she was genuinely kind. She was also beautiful, smart, and funny. I have a story about her for almost every occasion; she was there to share a tear, help me study, dress me for a job interview, pray with me about anything, listen when I needed an ear, give advice when I needed direction, and so much more.  Along with all of the sentimental qualities, she also always made me laugh. We were constantly doing things to embarrass each other: hiking up our pants in a store and yelling the others name out loud, dancing obnoxiously, etc., but my favorite embarrassing story is when we were going on a road trip with Josh Richmiller and Jason Wiemelt. We were running late because I slept in. When I picked up Al, I told her to call the boys to tell them we were running late. She got on the phone and proceeded to tell them that we were running late because I shi** mypants! Before I could protest, she hung up laughing hysterically. How could I be mad? I was so proud to call her my best friend.”        – Emily (Calkins) Wellman

Emily allison

“Allison was one of my best friends and I miss her every day.  The memories we shared are endless and always bring a smile to my face.  We always connected through our love of service to others, and we helped guide each other through college and into adulthood.  She was the first friend to hop on a plane to visit me in Denver when I moved!  I always admired Allison’s faith, her loyalty to her family and friends, and her ability to make people feel so loved.  Even in her toughest trial of fighting cancer, she never lost sight of her faith and her love of her family and friends.  She led me through some of my most toughest of trials, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.  She taught me to celebrate life every day and to always surround yourself with love.”    – Jason Wiemelt

Jason Allison

“Allison was the type of friend we all should hope to have at some point in our lives. Her enthusiasim and love of life poured out of her, as she was constantly cracking jokes, providing laughter, and flashing her beautiful smile. Allison put everyone else before herself, and was a great friend untilt the end. Along with her wonderul personality, I will never forget the way she exhibited toughness, grace, and faith as she battled her illness. Allison will forever be missed, but will never be forgotten, as her legacy lives on in the hearts of all that are present at this event today.”    – Blake Niemann

“I will never forget when my brother and I received a birthday card that Allison got for us but that she did not give to us when she was alive.  It was given to us later as it was found in her room after she passed.  The card said, “Happy Birthday to two of the best friends I could ask for! Thanks for being there for me and laughing at my jokes!  I love you! PS. We’ve been friends for the majority of our lives, so I think we’re stuck as friends.”  that card shows me a lot about the wonderful person that Allison was: loving, loyal, fun, humorous, and a great friend.  I have been blessed to be able to call Allison a friend for over half of my life, and I know her presence will continue to be around us through these small reminders that we’re still “stuck as friends”.  – Brett NiemannImage may contain: 3 people, people smiling

“Allison was one of the guys as our group used to say, but she was much more than that because of her generosity, her faith, and her love of family and friends! Most of all, her smile could light up a room. I like looking back on pictures of us, and her making me smile; it was contagious!!”         – Chad Vogel

“Allison and I became friends in 8th grade when we met at the St. Francis picnic.  Allison and I became close through high school and college because we were both awesome.  Allison was the text book definition of a selfless friend and she always took care of everyone else’s needs before her own.  She loved her friends so much and we miss her every day… especially that smile.  Al, thanks for always letting me crash on your couch in Springfield or at least go to dinner with me when I was there for work!  The last time I came to Springfield, you made Heidi and I a spicy chicken salad which was amazing.  It was so awesome catching up with you and having a few beers that day.  I was good until the next morning and we were both getting ready for work.  I rolled off of the deflated air mattress you prepared for me and it hit me.  Apparently, buffalo chicken and beer is a terrible combination to have when you are staying with a friend who has a small apartment with only one bathroom. EEEKK! I was so embarrassed but you never said a word.  Thank you!  Love you and miss you!”         – Josh Richmiller

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