Q: What will the money raised go towards?

A:  The proceeds from the memorial event will support the Allison Holbrook Scholarship Fund that has been established in Allison’s name.  Find out information about each of the scholarships on the Scholarships page.

Q:  How do I register for the sand volleyball tournament? 

A:  All registration for the tournament will be done online.  See Online Registration Form for full details.

Q:  What else is going on besides the sand volleyball tournament?

A:  Plenty!  Check out the Entertainment section for more information.

Q:  Can I bring my kids?

A:  Please do!  This will be a family oriented event throughout the afternoon and early evening.

Q:  I want to help!  How can I volunteer throughout the day?

A:  We would love any and all help!  Just fill out the Volunteer form and a committee representative will get in touch with you.

Q:  What if it rains?

A:  The event is still on!  Although we are believing that it is going to be a beautiful, sunny, spring day…. we also know that there could be inclement weather.  If it rains, the volleyball tournament will still go on unless conditions become unsafe.

Q:  Will there be food and drinks available?

A:  The Grove Inn will have food specials going on throughout the day and a cash bar.  There will even be a ‘Drink of the Day’ in honor of Allison, in which $1.00 will go to the scholarship funds.

Q:  What is planned for the evening?

A:  There will be a brief presentation of the scholarships and a heartfelt thank you from the committee for everyone’s support in what is sure to be a great day.  Then, we will end the day with a live band!

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