Sand Volleyball Tournament Details

New in 2019The non-competitive sand volleyball tournament will start at 1:00 PM at the Grove Inn, located at 6510 Broadway Quincy, IL 62305.  Registration Fee is $200 for a team of 8 players.

Remember: This is a non-competitive tournament and a fundraiser. The volleyball tournament is simply part of the “Remembering Allison” event, and its purpose is to provide a source of entertainment in which Allison loved.

Game Rules:

-Games will be officiated by volunteer referees

-Please report at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled game time.

-Points can be awarded to either the serving or non-serving team (rally scoring).

-Team captains will play “Rock-Paper-Scissors” to determine who serves first.

-The team above the other on the bracket will be on the north side of the court.

– Inappropriate language and/or behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in player ejections and team forfeits.

    • The matches will be best out of 3 games, with a 30 minute time limit.
    • Games 1 & 2 will be played to 25 points, win by 2 or first to 30.
    • Game 3 will be played to 10 points, win by 1.
  • If the 30 minute time limit expires in the middle of a game, the team who is winning that particular game will be given the win for that game.
      • If that makes one team win the match 2-0, it will be considered a final score.
      • If a game is called early because of time in game 2, and it results in the overall score being 1-1, then the teams will play a game 3 to 10 points for a tie break.
      • If a game is called early because of time in game 1, and it results in the overall score being 1-0, then the teams will play a game 2 to 10 points and a game 3 to 10 if needed.
    • If one team is winning game 3 and the time limit expires in the middle of the game, that team shall be awarded the winner of the entire match, and no tie breaker will be deemed necessary.
      • For example, if time runs out, and Team “A” has already won game 1 by the score of 21—15, and Team “B” is winning game 2 by the score of 5-3, we will consider the overall games to be 1-1. Therefore, we will move on to a tie breaker played to 10 that the winner wins the entire match for.

-Each participant needs to sign a waiver prior to playing. Teams must have each person sign the liability waiver before their first match will begin. The Grove Inn and the event committee are not liable for any injuries.

-Also, we will take a team picture of each team prior to their first match.

-If the event has to be cancelled due to extreme weather, we will try to reschedule at a later date. The date is still to be determined. Admission fees will not be refunded as this is a fundraiser. We may also adjust game times, length, and scoring depending on weather, delays, etc.

Additional Volleyball Rules

    1. No spiking within five feet of the net.
    1. A ball touching any part of the boundary line is in.
    1. It is permissible to run out-of-bounds to play a ball.
    1. Players are not permitted to scoop, hold, or throw the ball. The ball must not visibly come to rest on the player.
    1. Any one player shall not make successive contacts of the ball.
    1. A ball, other than a serve, may be recovered from the net provided the player avoids contact with the net and does not catch or hold the ball.
    1. Substitution: All substitutes must make one complete rotation.
    1. Players should rotate one spot clockwise each time its team has a new server.
  1. There is a 10-minute grace period until a forfeit is declared if a team is not present for their game.
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